Aquadrink Furtun pentru apa potabila (rece sau calda)


Furtun pentru apă potabilă rece sau caldă cf. norme KTW, cat.C, omologare Nr. C. 128377-05,  DVGW-W270, omologare Nr.W. 130140- 05SI, standard FDA.

Rubber potable waterhose

Mandrel built delivery hose for cold and warm potable water, according KTW norms, cat.C, homologation Nr.C.128377-05, DVGW-W270, homologation Nr.W.130140-05SI, complying FDA standards.

Temperature range: -25°C / +80°C
Tube: Special translucent plastomer, smooth, mirrorlike, odourless and taste-free. Food quality rubber without plasticizer.
Cover: Synthetic rubber, blue, smooth, ageing, ozon and weather resistant. Fabric finish.
Reinforcements: High tensile textile plies.
Remark: KTW-couplings for potable water on request available