Milkcord/SP Furtun alimentar pentru absortie si refulare produse lactate


Alimentary suction/dischargehose

Suction-and discharge hose for milk, fatty products, animal- and vegetable oils. For food-processing industry, breweries a.o. Also for alcoholic contents till 92%. To be cleaned before and after use, to sterilize the tube.

Norm: FDA-Quality
Working pressure: 10 bar
Burst pressure: 30 bar
Vacuum: 0,9 bar (Ø 63/75/102 =0,8 bar)
Temperature range: -25°C / +80°C, intermittant till 120°C to sterilize
Tube: Butyl, white, smooth seamless, taste- and odorless, FDA quality
Cover: EPDM /NBR, blue, smooth fabric finish
Reinforcements: steel wire helix, textile plies